Currently everything zooms – and by currently, well OK maybe it’s just that the hands on the clock spin ever faster the older you get, and I find that difficult to accept.

Anyway, I plan to return here one day… soon?  Meanwhile Cognoscenti seems to fill it all, and my blogs seen here offer glancing record of how these months speed by, planning tours, leading tours, preparing tours.

No sooner was our Edge of Empire tour successfully run for the first time last month but we were off researching and outlining our The World Piero Knew (at another, smaller, three way edge – for his home town was and is at the junction of the Marche, Toscana and Umbria), and now having stopped for a couple of breaths, this week we are off west into the Veneto foothills to put last details in place for our Terraferma tour.  Then August is free and empty – to be filled with everything left over for the past half year – before our Renaissance City tour goes south to Ferrara and Cesena and Rimini and Urbino in September. (And that publicity in May – below – was really generous of Dennis Aubrey – the creator, with his partner, of the beautifilled and thoughtfilled Via Lucis website.  Thank you.).

Excuse the rush.  Speak to you later.

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