Segal, part 64: Walter Segal exhibition and debate

A Walter Segal exhibition is at The Architectural Association, 36 Bedford Square London, from 16th January until 13th February – more details here.

I have only just learned the details myself, from this tweet.Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 23.37.41

As part of that event, there is a panel discussion on Walter Segal and the Future of Self-Build, with Jon Broome (Segal’s collaborator years ago, and today a leading exemplar of timber-frame, self-build and low-energy buildings), Charlie Luxton (architect well known from regular television appearances) and Alice Graham (exhibition promoter, journalist and inhabitant of a Segal-Broome house at Walter’s Way).

It will be at the Architectural Association on 26th January at 6.00 pm.

I have written much about Walter Segal, including but not only his pioneering of self-built timber-frame affordable houses for those on local authory lists as being in housing need.

The only book on Segal is my Learning from Segal (Birkhaueser, 1989) now long out of print.  But various other writings on Segal are now available here.

Walter Segal photographed by John McKean

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