Segal Part 101: Do Not File Under West African Architecture

Kindly reviewing my book on Walter Segal, SuedDeutsche Bauwirkschaft of Stuttgart unfortunatly misled readers, fascinated by the most westerly point of Africa, into believing it contained Learning from Senegal. 

I have to declare, for those same or other readers fascinated by Africa, that Walter Segal, Self-Built Architect, published by Lund Humphries, London, 32 years later at the end of June 2021, only discusses African architecture when Segal was in its North-eastern corner, working in Egypt.

However their review’s encapsulation of Segal’s project still stands:










This book tells of the work of an architect who always assumed that houses should be simple, useful and cheap. Houses should be friendly to people and the environment. They should be such that the residents feel comfortable in them. Universal common sense, of course? Unfortunately not in the age of luxury and fashion. It is a very readable book. (Sueddeutsche Bauwirtschaft, 3/1989)

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