On the Impossibility of Truly Seeing What is in Front of the Eyes

My photographs – 75 or so of them – are on show in Lewes from 7th to 26th March.

It’s an experiment.   Well let’s see what they look like on the walls in Lewes next weekend!

They are a diverse mix – some technically very careful, others much less so – but all are snapshots: images which raised an “aha!” behind my eyes and I snapped the shot.



I’ve been taking photographs since Brownie Box days, when the recording of images was closer to the mid 19th Century than to today.   Today every other watch takes pictures directly streamed to your website if you open your hand, every third official has a lapel camera permanently on and monitored and, obviously, nearly every car records everything.    But they see nothing.  Even way back in the mists of time, say a year ago, when all kids carried I-things, reminding themselves that I am here (GPS), yes I is really me (selfie), I’m going to tell you what I do (call), we actually were seeing less and less.

As capturing an image has become so simple, the real photographers must distinguish themselves more and more with the load of interchangeable lenses and great cameras strapped round the body with slogans of NIKON or CANON or whatever and tripod in over-the-other-shoulder quiver.

penetrating-eyes paint-on-paint-1

I find the technology is a wonderful liberator, letting me snap many more decisive moments than would have been possible so few decades ago.    When I remember burdening my youthful journeys with a 35mm camera for colour, a twin-lens reflex Rollei for black and white and a Weston Master exposure meter, I can scarcely believe it.

Today I try to follow the footsteps of the masters of 1930s photography who used strips of movie film in what they called  “miniature” cameras to be fleet of foot.   Almost every photograph in this show is taken with a wonderful tiny object which I slip in my pocket whenever I put on outdoor shoes.  I point and shoot.  And this is what I see.



Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.34.49

The House of Friendship – 208 High Street – Lewes – East Sussex – England (Tel:01273-476469)

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