Layered Places

Layered Places: Giancarlo De Carlo

‘Book of the Year’ The Architects’ Journal 2004
First complete study of this major architectural figure (2004)

Stuttgart/London : Edition Axel Menges 208 pp hardback

‘Book of the Year’, one of  26 books chosen as Books of the Year, The Architects’ Journal, 20 December 2004, p 29

“It is a real pleasure to finally have a book that gives justice to its [De Carlo’s achievement’s] full range.”

Jonathan Sergison, The Architects’ Journal, 29 July 2004

“McKean is at his best when setting De Carlo in his historical context among peers and rivals, teasing out the development and exchange of ideas, with the help of well-chosen quotations. Particularly good are the chapters on ‘Reading places’ and ‘Risking professional disorder’ which reflect areas of concern as relevant today as ever.”

Peter Blundell Jones, The Architectural Review, November 2004, pp 96-7

“Dear John, You went deeply into the story and discover occasions, plights and phases in my work and thinking that nobody saw before. But what I liked the most, besides your scientific inquiry, is that you didn’t make any attempt to organize the various periods of my thinking and acting labelling them with standard definition. Moreover you didn’t disjoin my work and my life.   So, the book – due to the quality of the texts – is very good, really outstanding.”

Giancarlo De Carlo, June 2004